Mini Mites

2014-2015 Mini-MItes

4th Row (Left to Right): Xavier Robydek, Braeden Cool, Brian Cauell, Caden Barrette, Jack Ekdahl

3rd Row ( Left to Right): Breanna Frame, Jayla Johnston, Rayalynn Quick, Cole Blaskowski, Lucas Johnson, Kayden Rhode, Jesse Harrbison

2nd Row (Left to Right): Jandon Peters-Truman, Kaden Pellenz, Payton Skowten, Drake Dotski, Daniel Harke, Max Huber, Alex Hudson

1st Row (Left to Right): Lucas Farone, Mallory Ekdahl, Emma Maxwell, Abram Preston, Mathew DeChamp, Cora Whittaker


Just a reminder USA hockey registration and background checks must be turned in prior to going on the ice. Parents not on ice but wish to help in the locker room you just have to do the background. This can be done at and for coaches.

Please e-mail background checks to Todd Baldwin at

Thanks and let’s have a great season!


We’ve made some great changes to Mini Mites this year, including access to free equipment for the season, made our Mini Mite program first year free to all who are interested, and have open enrollment until the end of December, so tells your friends about hockey and get them to join the team!  We look forward to the season, hope this year is the first of many for you with Cheboygan Hockey Association.


VOLUNTEERS! Anyone interested in helping with our Mini Mite program, please let us know. We are always looking for volunteers to help on the ice or on the bench. Mike Raymus is the contact for the Mini Mite program.